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Seccua UrSpring / Virex Pro / Phoenix

Highest Removal Performance

The UrSpring Ultrafilter removes bacteria, cyst and parasites from your water (see information on the backside for detailled info on removal performance) through a natural filtration process. Due to its Ultra-fine filter pores down to 0.01 micron, microbiological contaminants are removed from water without the use of chemicals.

Removes turbidity and iron

No matter how much turbidity, rust or other particles are delivered into your home water system from either your municipal supply or your well: Your UrSpring system will remove all such particles completely, leaving clear and fresh drinking water. It also contributes significantly to a clean and hygienic in-house piping system.

Keeps E-Coli out of your drinking water

Every single Seccua UrSpring unit is fully factory tested for full integrity and removal capability of pathogens before it leaves the factory. Ground-breaking functions of the unit help to minimize filter damage during operation, so your Urspring maintains highest E-Coli reduction capability throughout its entire filter-life.

UV pre-treatment, better than ever

Not only does the UrSpring remove turbidity and reduce bacteria and parasites to a large degree, but due to its fully automated filter-cleaning it also offers the most effective pretreatment to downstream disinfection technologies like UV or chlorination – at lower operating cost than conventional cartridge filtration.

Helps to reduce disinfection by-products

Disinfection by-products are created when disinfection chemicals react with organic matter in the water, such as virus, bacteria, parasites but also dissolved organics like true color, typically made up from organic matter found in surface water supplies. Seccua UrSpring removes all particulate organic matter and up to 10% of true color and therewith helps to reduce disinfection by-products effectively.

Easy to install, compact and efficient

Seccua UrSpring systems incorporate more power than any small-scale Ultrafiltration system available: Up to twice the filter surface offers low pressure requirements which helps save energy and deliver more water.

Go Green!

Without any additional equipment required, the system can be connected to solar power supplying 12 VDC. Its ultimate low power consumption of only 1.5 W during filtration gives it a superior advantage over desinfection technologies like UV, using less than 97% energy than small UV disinfection systems. Furthermore Seccua offers a unique recycling program for its filter elements, helping you to act more sustainable.

Remove Legionella from Closed Loop System

Legionella and other dangerous contaminants are a growing problem across all types of commercial and residential buildings. Sources of Legionella can be cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot water tanks, shower heads, warm water environments, dental/medical practices, etc. The cold or hot water versions of the UrSpring systems are designed to remove legionella from your closed-loop, open-loop, or flow through system for maximum protection from this and any other bacterial infection.

Download a URSpring brochure/datasheet here
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Download a Phoenix brochure/datasheet here
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