Trojan UVMax Series UV Purification Systems

Install a Trojan UVMax disinfection system and you no longer have to be concerned about waterborne pathogenic organisms causing illness or contaminating production processes. Trojan UV systems kill bacteria, viruses and other pathogens by preventing them from reproducing.

The result? Safe drinking water for you and your family.

Disinfecting your drinking water with ultraviolet makes sense. It’s exceptionally effective, it’s environmentally safe, it’s well proven, and it’s the way of the future for water disinfection requirements around the globe.

What is UV? – Ultraviolet (UV) light is at the invisible, violet end of the light spectrum. The water treatment industry uses a high-powered form of UV light called UV-C or “germicidal UV” to disinfect water. The UV-C rays penetrate microorganisms and destroy their ability to reproduce, effectively rendering them harmless. It’s a simple but effective process, with Trojan’s system destroying a minimum of 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, including E. coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia. Click here for more detail on how UV light is used to disinfect water.

Protect the environment, and your health, from harmful chemicals – UV disinfection is a natural process that adds no chemicals to your water. Other disinfection methods, such as chlorine and ozone, may create harmful chemicals that have been linked to serious illness. Why take the risk?

Maintain your system with minimal effort – Looking after your UVMax system is easy. All you have to do is periodically clean the lamp sleeve and replace your lamp once a year, a simple process you can complete in minutes.


The Trojan UVMax System (Models A – F)

High-output UV Lamps

The UV light is generated from a low-pressure, high-output lamp. The lamps provide a high intensity of UV light making it possible to treat a given volume of water with small, more effective units.

A Unique Water Chamber Design

Trojan’s unique water chamber optimizes hydraulic performance and increases disinfection efficiency.

New Power Supply Technology

Electronic advances in Trojan’s power supply offer flexibility over a broad range of voltage supplies (90-250V). The power supply can withstand fluctuations in voltage that most power supplies are unable to tolerate while maintaining lamp intensity to ensure continuous disinfection.

UVMax Reminds you to Replace the Lamp

Trojan has incorporated visual and audio signals to help you remember when to change the lamp. At any time the display will tell you how many days are remaining until your next lamp change. Should your lamp ever fail, your system will automatically sound an alarm.

UV Intensity Monitoring Device

The premium version, UVMaxPlus, incorporates brand new and innovative UV intensity monitoring technology. The new design enhances the reliability and accuracy of this optional safety feature.


The integrated home system makes installation a snap.

This unit comes preinstalled with sediment and carbon cartridges for sediment, taste and odour removal and a Trojan UVMax D4 system.

cUL/CSA listed, supported by VIQUA’s reference card to quickly answer common questions, and a lamp life counter to remind you when the lamp needs to be changed.

Download an IHS Brochure here


Warranty: Trojan Technologies guarantees the structural, hardware and electrical components of the UVMax systems to be free of material defects for 5 years. The water chamber is under warranty for 10 years. Lamps and UV intensity monitors are guaranteed for 1 year.

Features of the UVMax™ Models A – F

  • High UV output for better disinfection
  • Smaller reactor chambers save space for ease of installation
  • User Interface Countdown Time Meter shows remaining lamp life
  • Audio and visual alarms signal if there is a problem with the operation of the unit
  • On “PLUS” models the sensor continuously monitors the UV intensity to ensure proper disinfection and goes into alarm if these conditions fall below proper operating levels. The LED readout also provides a diagnostic output that tells the user what the source of the failure is.
  • Lamp and sleeve remove from the reactor chamber as one piece ensuring the user is aware of any build up of minerals on the sleeve that may interfere with the proper UV dose being delivered to the water
  • Lamp is easily removed and replaced for annual maintenance
  • Energy efficient and withstands fluctuations in voltage that can cause low UV output and damage to the lamp
  • Automatically adjusts to the input voltage and frequency to allow use of multiple global power grids
  • Snap-On lamp harness prevents the harness from accidentally being disconnected and ensures that the lamp is disconnected before it is removed from the reactor chamber to prevent damage to eyes and skin from the UV light

What is a solenoid valve?

A solenoid valve is an on/off valve that is plumbed in-line with a UV system. When properly wired to the UV system, the solenoid valve can stop the flow of water if the lamp shuts off for any reason. This has tremendous value as a safety feature – if the UV lamp isn’t on, you won’t be able to get water. When closed, the solenoid valve also acts as a physical barrier preventing any organisms from moving past the inactivated lamp.

Why install a pre-filter?

Having a 5 micron sediment filter installed before the UV unit is highly recommended. This ensures that no sediment, algae, dirt, or other particles can shade the water. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites can “hide” behind large particles and avoid the penetrating UV lights. This is especially true if your water is drawn from a surface water source such as a lake, river or pond.


The Trojan UVMax System (Models G – K)

Professional grade equipment that redefines reliability with rock-solid performance under all environmental conditions.The TrojanUVMax Series offers a unique combination of brains and brawn, with twice the raw power of other UV systems and the intelligence to provide real-time measure of the delivered UV dose.Most importantly, we’ve drastically improved the most critical measure of a UV system’s performance – it’s ability to deliver a constant reliable dose of UV.This means you can feel comfortable treating ice-cold and hot water recirculation lines, in a cool basement or a hot pump house!  

Trojan UVMax™ G, H, J and K Features & Benefits

  • Twice the Power – A revolutionary lamp with twice the output of current high-output lamps, giving you compact single-lamp systems that are half the size of their predecessors.
  • Twice the Life Expectancy – Our revolutionary new lamps last an unprecedented two years, reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Intuitive interface – because a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Simple connections – with plug and play colour coded connections, it’s as easy as “connect the dots”
  • Cooler Water – The CoolTouch significantly reduces water temperature and does not waste water.
  • Simply Shocking – The plug-and-play solenoid is equipped with a manual override to make shocking the water line easy.
  • Easy Quarter-Twist Assembly – A quarter-twist to the positive stop and you’re done. No tools, no risk of overtightening.
  • Integrated Ground – Like a standard plug – no more grounding wires!
  • Combo Parts – Flexibility to connect to either 1-1/4″ NPT or 1″ FNPT.
  • Test of Sensor Operation – With the push of a button you can confirm the proper operation of the sensor (for Plus models only)

Model A B4 C4 D4 E4 F4 G H J K
1 (4) 4 (15) 7 (34) 7 (34) 12 (57) 20 (95) 15 (57) 29 (110) 44 (167) 80 (303)
Failure Alarm yes yes yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes 
Alarm Reset  – yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes 
Lamp Timer  – yes yes yes
Lamp Life
 – yes yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes 
Connection 3/8″ 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″ 1″ 1″ 1″, 1-1/4″ 1″, 1-1/4″  1″, 1-1/4″  1″, 1-1/4″
Wattage (W) 22 36 50 50 83 130 100 140 200
 –  –  – option option   option  option option  option option 

Download a Brochure (A-F)
Download a Brochure (GHJK)

Download an IHS Brochure Here


1) Plus models include all the features of the standard unit AND a UV intensity monitor
2) Solenoid valves includes a 3 minute delay on startup
3) Flow rates shown are at 85% UVT
4) Models A, B, C and D chambers are 304SS. Model E, F, G, H, J chambers are 316SS.

Operating Parameters

Iron < 0.3 ppm
Hardness < 120 ppm
UV Transmittance > 75%
Maximum working pressure is 125 psi

*Lamp and sleeve shipments outside of Canada are not insured and done so at the risk of the purchaser

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