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Automatic Water Filters

Common water problems such as unpleasant taste and odour, discolouration, acidity or haziness caused by sediment can be solved with the appropriate Waterite water filter. Enjoy cleaner, fresher laundry; clear drinking water; sparkling and stain-free dishes and fixtures.

Waterite’s reliable Fusion control valve monitors your water use and backflushes only when required – saving you money and water! Advanced monitoring and troubleshooting can easily be used with the easy-to-use digital control head.


  • Exclusive, and customizable Fusion digital programmable control valve with a five year guarantee
  • Heavy duty fiberglass tank with attractive black tank jacket
  • Bypass valve for ease of installation and service

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Activated Carbon Filter Specifications

Unpleasant tastes and odours caused by chlorine or organic substances, such as decayed vegetation and run-off are adsorbed by quality activated carbon. Occasional backwashing is necessary to free the filter bed or impurities and ready it for operation again.

Carbon Media (cu ft)  1.0 1.5 2.0 3.0
Flow Rates (USGPM) Service  2 3 4 5
Peak  4  6  8  10
Backwash  4  5  7  10
Fiberglass Tank Size (inches) 10 x 54 10 x 54 12 x 48 14 x 65

*ACF filters can be turned into ACN filters by adding calcite to raise the pH of acidic and corrosive water supplies. The calcite redissolves a small amount of “good” mineral back into your water to prevent copper and metal-based pipes and fixtures from corroding away (see anode from hot water tank below). Add $50.


NextSand (Multimedia) Filter Specifications

Suspended particulate matter, such as clay and slit, which gives water a cloudy appearance, is trapped in the filter bed to produce clean, clear water. A radically high performance silt, sediment, and turbidity filtration media called NextSand filters out physical impurities which can cause damage to your plumbing fixtures or cloud your water.

NextSand Media (cu ft) 1.5 2.0 3.0
Flow Rates (USGPM) Service 7 9 13
Peak 11 16 21
Backwash 8 12 16
Fiberglass Tank Size (inches) 10 x 54 12 x 48 14 x 65

Neutralizing Filter Specifications

Waterite neutralizing filters contains special media which raises the pH of acidic water and neutralizes its acidic characteristics. In addition to protecting pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances, this filter also facilities the removal of iron and manganese by raising the pH to enable an iron filter to be used. After one or two years, additional media may be required.

Model WTR-NF10 WTR-N15 WTR-NF20 WTR-NF30
Calcite Media (cu ft)  1.0 1.5 2.0 3.0
Flow Rates (USGPM) Contact us for sizing
Fiberglass Tank Size (inches) 8×47 9×48 10×54 12×52

Peak flow rates intended for intermittent use only (10 minutes or less) and are for residential applications only.

  • Do not use peak flow rate for commercial applications or for a continuous rate when treated water supplies are geothermal heat pump, swimming pool, etc
  • At the stated service flow rates, the pressure drop through these devices will not exceed 15 psi
  • For satisfactory operation, the pumping rate of the well system must equal or exceed indicated backwash flow rate
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to make product improvements which may deviate form the specifications and descriptions stated herein, without obligation to change previously manufactured products or to note the change
  • For commercial sizing please contact our office