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Waterite Fusion Water Softeners

Electronic Meter Initiated Water Softener

The Waterite softener combines an advanced digital control head with metered regeneration which monitors your water use, regenerating only when necessary saving you money and water!

These features enable Fusion softeners to provide conditioned water using up to 50% less salt than other conditioners.

Waterite Fusion Water Conditioner Features

  • Fusion digital control head with a five year guarantee
  • Heavy duty cabinet, brine tank and mineral tank
  • Exclusive Fusion compact turbine meter efficiently monitors water usage
  • Digital displays time of day, remaining capacity and regeneration cycle in progress
  • Extensive troubleshooting and monitoring capability
  • Battery backup in case of power failure
  • Attractive black tank jacket standard, also reducing condensation problems
  • Bypass valve for ease or installation and service
  • Brine safety valve provides extra overflow protection
  • Attractive contemporary cabinet or traditional twin tank styles
  • Excelclear resin tested and certified by NSF International to standard 44

What is Hard Water?

Hard water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium. These build up as scale inside your kettle, water heater, plumbing fixtures and appliances. This scale reduces efficiency and leads to major repairs. The minerals also react with soap to form a scum or curd which appears as bathtub ring. This curd greys and stiffens your laundry, leaves your hair dull and your skin itchy.

How the Fusion Water Conditioner removes hardness from the water

The softener contains a bed of ion exchange resin beads. As water passes through the bed, calcium and magnesium, the hardness minerals are removed and held by the resin.

Eventually the resin heads become saturated with hardness minerals and must be cleaned and regenerated. A brine solution is drawn in to the resin bed to release the accumulated minerals. The minerals and brine are rinsed away with fresh water and the regenerated resin is ready to condition water again.

The Fusion control valve includes a simplified electronic control with a solid state microprocessor which monitors your water use and initiates regeneration only when a preset volume of water has been used. This eliminates unnecessary regenerations, saving you salt, water, and money.

Conditioned water benefits

  • Brighter, softer, and longer lasting laundry
  • Softer skin
  • Cleaner, shinier hair
  • Smooth shaving
  • Sparkling glassware and dishes
  • Easier household cleaning
  • But most importantly:¬†Conditioned water saves you money. You can reduce expenditure on cleaning products and chemical conditioners. Clothing and linens last longer and your expensive appliances and plumbing are protected against scale.

Specifications – Cabinet Style Fusion Water Conditioner

Model Capacity
Grains x 1000
Peak Flow (USGPM) Resin Tank Size
Resin Volume
(cu ft)
Brine Tank Size
Shipping Weight
WTR-SOFTCAB20 13.2 3.2 8 x 35 0.7 15 x 17 x 36 70
WTR-SOFTCAB30 20 5.3 9 x 42 1.0 15 x 17 x 36 90

Specifications – Twin Tank Style Fusion Water Conditioner

Model Capacity
Grains x 1000
Peak Flow (USGPM) Resin Tank Size
Resin Volume
(cu ft)
Brine Tank Size
Shipping Weight
WTR-SOFT20 13.2 3.2 8 x 35 0.7 15 x 17 x 36 70
WTR-SOFT30 20 5.3 9 x 42 1.0 15 x 17 x 36 90
WTR-SOFT40 26.6 6.5 10 x 44 1.3 15 x 17 x 36 100
WTR-SOFT50 33.2 9.0 10 x 54 1.7 15 x 17 x 36 110
WTR-SOFT60 40.0 11.0 12 x 48 2.0 18 x 18 x 40 145
WTR-SOFT75 50.0 13.0 13 x 54 2.5 18 x 18 x 40 175
WTR-SOFT90 60.0 17.0 14 x 65 3.0 18 x 18 x 40 235
WTR-SOFT120 80.0 20.0 14 x 65 4.0 18 x 18 x 40 285
WTR-SOFT150 100.0 25.0 16 x 65 5.0 18 x 18 x 40 350

At the stated service flow rates, the pressure drop through these devices will not exceed 15 psi

Precaution: Do not use where water is microbiologically unsafe without adequate disinfection.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make product improvements which may deviate from the specifications and descriptions stated herein, without obligation to change previously manufactured products or to note the change.

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