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Are you a water system operator for a small, public water system? Are you looking to upgrade your water treatment infrastructure? Watertiger can provide a range of solutions for small municipal systems. We have provided design-build services or product supply only for a range of clients, with water flows as low as >10 GPM to over 300 GPM. In British Columbia we are experienced with the provincial regulations to walk you through the process of gaining regulatory approval including the proper building permits and engineering services as well as the 4-3-2-1-0 policy.

Public water supplies in the Province of British Columbia are defined as having more than one private connection to the system or the supply of water to the public. This can include: fishing resorts, lodges, marinas, gas stations, ski resorts, wineries, Bed & Breakfasts, multiple homes on a single water system, etc.

Contact our office to discuss your particular application, whether you are a resort operator, a community of part-time homes sharing a well, or a full-time community of up to 1000 connections.