Reverse Osmosis Tanks

See below for a full range of pressure tanks from 1 – 88 gallons per day.

For larger tanks, please contact our office directly.

Please note that reverse osmosis tanks are specifically made for use with an RO system and use bacteria resistant liners and non-corrosive food grade liners. Standard well expansion tanks cannot be used for RO systems.

Specs and Prices

Note: Only models TK-PRO-4-SS & TK-PRO-14W are stocked. All other tanks are a special order.

Capacity (gal) Diameter x Height Connection Description
2 2 gallon RO tank
4 11″x14″ 1/4″ or 3/8″ 4 gallon RO tank
14 15″x23″ 3/4″ 14 gallon RO tank
20 15″x30″ 3/4″ 20 gallon RO tank
44 44 Gallon RO tank
81 81 Gallon RO tank