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Two Watertiger customer appreciation specials – on now!

(1) If you are replacing a bottled water cooler we will credit you $50 towards the purchase of your RO!

(2) If you have had one of our systems installed for 10 years or more and have had it serviced by us, we will credit you $100 towards the purchase of a new RO!



Under-the-Counter Reverse Osmosis Systems by Watts (formerly TGI)

Bottled quality water generated right at your tap for a fraction of the cost of bottled water

  • Does not contain plastics with Bisphenol A
  • No more heavy bottles to lift or have knocked over.
  • Pure, clean water available at your sink, ideal for washing fruits and vegetables and all your cooking needs!
  • Multiple taps can be installed. For example, you can have one RO unit installed in a storage closet, with tubing leading to the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, and the ice-maker in the fridge.
  • The units use no electricity (unless a booster pump is required) and no chemicals to deliver pure drinking water to your home.
  • Installing a RO system in your home can save you hundreds of dollars in as little as two years (when compared to bottled water).
  • Maintenance is cheap, quick & simple! Filters will need changing once a year and the membrane every two years. When you compare changing the filters once a year to changing the bottled water jug once a week, the choice is easy.
  • An optional calcite post-filter will add back in the “good” minerals that RO will remove from the water during the purification process. Ask about this option. The calcite post filter replaces the standard carbon post filter and you won’t notice a difference, but can be rest assured that your water will still have the minerals you desire.
  • WTRV360RO models come with 1/4 turn quick connect cartridges – makes filter changes a snap performed in seconds!

Under-the-Counter Reverse Osmosis Units are ideal for residential, small commercial and RV.


How the RO units work:

Step 1

Water is first passed through a 5 micron sediment filter to remove suspended matter, dirt, algae and silt.

Step 2

The water then passes through one or two (depending on the model) pre-carbon filters. The carbon filters remove chlorine and other volatile organics from the water. The removal of chlorine improves the taste and odour of the water and maintains the integrity of the membrane.

Step 3

From the carbon filters, the water is passed through the reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane removes inorganics, minerals, lead, cysts (eg. Giardia and Cryptosporidium), dissolved metals, chemicals, and more.

Step 4

The pure water is now transferred to a 4-gallon (15 L) holding tank. The tank is an essential component to the system, as the process of reverse osmosis is not instantaneous. The tank generally sits under the counter next to the RO unit, but can be installed in a closet or crawl space.

Step 5

When clean water is needed, the faucet is opened and the water travels from the holding tank through a post-carbon filter and to the tap. The post-carbon filter ensures the water maintains it crisp, clean taste. An optional calcite filter can be used to add back in the minerals used to make the water alkaline – for no charge!

Step 6 (on 625 models)

The addition of an ultraviolet light protects against bacteria (such as E-coli), viruses and other microorganisms. A UV light is highly recommended if your water is not protected by normal municipal means.

Click to to find out more how the process of reverse osmosis works


Our RO systems are tested and certifed:

  • ANSI/NSF Standard 58 (except model #315)
  • WQA Gold Seal S-300 (except model #315)
  • State of California Department of Health Service Certificate #99-1396
  • Wisconsin Department of Commerce Safety and Buildings Division Product File No.19990036
  • Model # 625UP is chosen by United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees

Please note that reverse osmosis tanks are specifically made for use with an RO system and use bacteria resistant liners and non-corrosive food grade liners. Standard well expansion tanks cannot be used for RO systems.

Specifications & Prices

Optional calcite post filter to add back in minerals at no extra charge – ask us for details!

WTRV360RO model uses 1/4 turn quick connect cartridges for the easiest service available. Anyone can change their own filters, no need to pay for service!

Model # Production (GPD) Membrane Type Includes Pump? Includes Ultraviolet Light? Quick change filters?
415 10-25  TFC no no no
525 10-45  TFC no no no
525P 10-45  TFC yes no no
625U/DX 10-45  TFC no yes no
625UP/DX 10-45  TFC yes yes no
WTRV360RO 10-45 TFC no no yes


*Note – A booster pump should only be used if the incoming water pressure is below 60 psi.

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