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Medium Reverse Osmosis Systems

L1 RO 1 L1 RO 2

For 200 or 300 gallons per day output of pure water

Introducing the Series L1 Reverse Osmosis system that is small in size but big in capacity. This free standing or wall-mounted RO system is available in two¬†height options (10″ or 20″ prefilters), but it can produce up to 300 or more US gallons per day of permeate water.

The L1 series is suitable for manufacturing, schools, pharmaceutical companies, food processing industry, shopping centers and hotels.

Standard Features of the L1 Series Reverse Osmosis Units

  • 5 micron sediment prefilter
  • 10 micron carbon block pre and post filter
  • 10″ filter housings
  • HF4 extra low energy membranes
  • Fiberglass membrane housing
  • Glycerin-filled pressure gauges – prefilter, pump, permeate
  • John guest quick connect fittings
  • Aquatec high flow booster pump
  • Tank pressure switch (for use with a pressurized RO tank)
  • Feed solenoid valve
  • Auto-flush timer and valve

Optional features:

  • 20″ filters
  • Change post filter to a DI for extra high purity applications
  • 10″ and 20″ floor stands
  • HF5 Ultra low energy membranes for increased production in cold water applications
  • Stainless steel membrane housing
  • Permeate TDS meter
  • Various RO tank sizes (see below)

Specifications (prices do not include storage tank)

Model # L1-200 L1-300
US GPD* 200 300
Membrane 2.5″x14″ 2.5″x21″
Recovery 40% 50%
(D x W x H)
9″x20″x19″ 9″x27″x19″
Tubing 3/8″ 3/8″
Tank Size Optional, here
20″ filters available? Yes Yes

*Permeate flow at test conditions, actual production will vary. Contact us for details.