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Replacement Reverse Osmosis Membranes

The following are common TFC replacement membranes. We also carry seawater and various sized CTA membranes – contact us for more information.

We have a wide range of membrane options available. Contact our office for specific details for your application.

  • Standard RO Membranes
  • High Flow Membranes (HF)
  • High Rejection Membranes (HR)
  • Extra-low energy Membranes (only require 80 psi applied pressure)

Drinking water system membranes

Size GPD*
1.8″x12″ 30
1.8″x12″ 50
1.8″x12″ 100

*Many factors affect production – actual production will vary. Contact our office for details.

Commercial sized RO membranes

Size GPD* Pressure** GPD (HR – HF)**
2.5″x14″ Various options 80-400 psi 150-225
2.5″x21″ Various options 80-400 psi 250-400
2.5″x40″ Various options 80-400 psi 650-1000
4″x14″ Various options 80-400 psi 400-600
4″x21″ Various options 80-400 psi 900-1000
4″x40″ Various options 80-400 psi 2200-2500

**Different membranes will have different performance values at different operating conditions. Contact our office to ensure your membrane selection is matched with your application.
***Non-standard membrane pricing may differ.