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Remove Bacteria, Legionella, Parasites from Showers and Taps

Rayn Filter

Finally, a point of use filter that is tested and proven to remove bacteria and parasites with no power. Designed for showers and taps in Healthcare Facilities, Burn Units, Senior Care Homes, Off-Grid Homes and Cabins and everywhere else you need bacteria and parasite free water.

Removes all pathogens and nano-particles from your water.

Millions of micro-organisms live in our drinking water. They do not only freely drift along in your tap-water, but most of them live in bio-films on the walls of our pipes, faucets and shower-heads. Swiss scientists have proven, that up to 200,000 bacteria per one milliliter (=0,03 fl. oz) live in our drinking water. Most of them are not harmful to us, but some can make us seriously ill. Amongst those latter ones are legionella, pseudomonas, norovirus and amoeba.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control CDC reports that between 8,000 and 18,000 people contract Legionaires disease every year in the U.S., knowing that this number could be much higher due to under-reporting and -diagnosis, according to the CDC. It is known, that Legionaires disease kills around 15% of those who contract it.

Räyn removes all bacteria, parasites, spores and all other micro-organisms from water, proven in many tests performed by independent research labs. Räyn incorporates state-of-the-art filter-technology, an absolute, super-robust fire-wall for pathogens.

Räyn reduces pathogens in water by a factor of greater than one million.


Medical-grade technology for highest safety, even at home

Räyn purifies your water through filters with pore-sizes of only a few millionth of a millimeter, which are also used in medical applications. Those pores are smaller than even the smallest micro-organisms. The filters of the Räyn remove more than 99,99999% of all micro-organisms from water. The housing of the Räyn is made from robust metal, its surface has been finished for elegant appearance and best possible resistance against commonly used home-cleaning agents.


Simple, elegant and compact. Health-care made in Germany.

Räyn was developed to remove Legionella from the water in your shower. It fits perfectly between the water-outlet at your faucet or the wall and the shower-hose. The Räyn works perfectly with common shower-heads, also with distinct design equipment. Even shower heads with high flows work seamlessly with Räyn. That way the Räyn filter provides safety even at outlets of highly-contaminated piping systems.

With its high filtration performance, Räyn is also ideal for filtering fresh drinking water. Being more compact than conventional under-the-sink filters, Räyn removes only pathogens and nano-particles, but not important minerals. The water remains in its natural balance.

Product Specifications

Height x Width x Depth (w/o connection fitting): 124 x 96 x 46 mm
Inlet: 1/2″ BSPP Swivel connector, internal thread
Connector to shower hose: 1/2″ BSPP Outside thread
Filter-material: PESM, meets DVGW KTW and NSF 53 requirements
Housing: Anodized alum, matte
Complies with REG (EC) Nr. 1935/2004 and FDA GRAS 182.1125
Gasket: EPDM (drinking water approved),
complies to German DVGW W270, NSF and KIWA standards
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar (145 psi)
Max. operating temperature: 70°C (158 °F)
Filtration performance: 10 l/min (3 gpm) @ 1 bar (14 psi) with new filter
Up to 30 l/min (8 gpm)
Bacteria- and Parasite-Removal: Sterile filtration (>99,99999%), full bacteria and parasite removal proven
Avg. Lifetime A removal rate of 99,99999% for bacteria, spores and parasites from water is guaranteed for a period of 6 month of 10’000 liters (3,000 USgal), whatever occurs first.

 Download a brochure here

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