Platinum Series

Platinum Series UV Systems offer you complete water confidence.

Water Safety.

Worried about the safety of your water supply? Trust Sterilight® Platinum™ as an effective way to treat water-borne problems including bacteria (E. coli), virus, algae, mould, and protozoa (Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia).


Disinfection using UV light is fast becoming the ecological choice in water disinfection. UV disinfection does not require the addition of chemicals to the water, therefore protecting ourselves and the environment from potentially harmful disinfection chemicals.


Platinum systems are easy to install and require little maintenance. The system controller features a lamp replacement reminder, which prompts you annually to change your lamp. Changing your lamp ensures the reliability of your system – giving you constant peace of mind

Platinum ICE Controller

  • graphic interface (Smart Switch™)
  • universal power (100-250V)
  • visual elapsed time meter (counts down remaining days between lamp changes and provides for total running time of controller)
  • visual UV intensity output in %
  • constant current output
  • full system diagnostic check on start-up
  • dry contacts (for solenoid etc.)
  • universal IEC power input connector


Sterilume HO lamps utilize low pressure high output technology in order to deliver superior performance.

All SP lamps include the following:

  • Proprietary lamp coating
  • Consistent UV output
  • Superior cold water start conditions
  • One year warranty

General Specs

Chamber Material 304L SS
UV Intensity Monitor yes
Flow Pacing – Sensor yes
Elapsed Time Meter yes
Dry Contacts yes
Lamp Replacement Reminder yes
Diagnostic Check yes
Operating Parameters 125 psi
Pressure Drop at Rated Flow 2.5 psi
Ambient Water Temp 2-40°C (36-104°F)
Max. Ambient Air Temp. 50°C (122°F)
Installation Horizontal or Vertical


SP320-HO SP410-HO SP600-HO SP740-HO SP950-HO
Flow Rate
@16 mJ/cm2 106 lpm (28 GPM) 140 lpm (37 GPM) 151.2 lpm (40 GPM) 227.1 lpm (60 GPM) 227.1 lpm (60 GPM)
@30 mJ/cm2 56.8 lpm (15 GPM) 76 lpm (20 GPM) 132.2 lpm (35 GPM) 158.9 lpm (42 GPM) 196.8 lpm (52 GPM)
@40 mJ/cm2 41.6 lpm (11 GPM) 53 lpm (14 GPM) 98.4 lpm (26 GPM) 117.3 lpm (31 GPM) 147.6 lpm (39 GPM)
Voltage 100-250V/50-60Hz
Max Power 42 W 52 W 73 W 88 W 110 W
Length 58cm (23″)  67cm (26″) 78cm (9″) 100cm (39″) 121cm (48″)
In/Out Size Combo 3/4″-1″ 1″ 1″ 1.5″ 1.5″

*Note – Watertiger is now recycling used UV lamps! Contact us to find out how. You do not need to be an existing client, we’ll take anyone’s lamps.

**Are you an installer or reseller? We are looking for dealer partners. Contact us to find out more.


The Sterilight® Platinum™ Series systems come with a seven year warranty against manufacturer’s defects on the stainless steel reactor chamber; a one year warranty on lamps, sleeves, and UV intensity monitors; and a five year pro-rated warranty on all other components.

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