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Platinum NSF 55A Validated Series

Ensuring the Safety of your Water.

UV disinfection for drinking water is an acceptable alternative disinfectant under the drinking water regulations worldwide, as long as the  equipment has proof of performance (third party validation). NSF is a certified testing facility that conducts UV validations under the NSF 55

Class A protocol. Sterilight SPV systems have undergone validation with NSF and hold certification to deliver an accepted dose of 40 mJ/cm2.


Sterilume HO lamps utilize low pressure high output technology in order to deliver superior performance. All SPV lamps include the following:

  • Proprietary lamp coating
  • Consistent UV output
  • Superior cold water start conditions
  • One year warranty (lamp)

IHS System – SPV410-IHS22

 The integrated Home System provides the NSF 55A Validated SPV-410, supplied complete with two 20″ prefilters (5 micron sediment and carbon block) for a total home water system, prepiped. This system is ready to mount on the wall for quick and easy site installation.


General Specs

Chamber Material 316L SS
Electropolished and Passivated yes
UV Intensity Monitor yes
Flow Pacing – Sensor yes
Elapsed Time Meter yes
Dry Contacts yes
Flow Restrictor yes
Lamp Replacement Reminder yes
Diagnostic Check yes
Operating Parameters 125 psi
Pressure Drop at 50% Rated Flow 4 psi
Ambient Water Temp 2-40°C (36-104°F)
Max. Ambient Air Temp. 50°C (122°F)
Installation Horizontal or Vertical
NSF Certification NSF/ANSI 55 A


SPV-200 SPV-410 SPV-600 SPV-740 SPV950
Flow Rate
@40 mJ/cm2 9.9 lpm (2.6 GPM) 22.6 lpm (5.9 GPM) 32.7 lpm (8.6 GPM) 42.9 lpm (11.2 GPM) 56.6 lpm (14.9 GPM)
Voltage 100-250V/50-60Hz
Max Power 35 W 52 W 73 W 88 W 110 W
Length 45cm (18″)  67cm (26″) 86cm (34″) 100cm (39″) 121cm (48″)
In/Out Size 1/2″ Combo 3/4″-1″ Combo 3/4″-1″ Combo 3/4″-1″ Combo 3/4″-1″

*Note – Watertiger is now recycling used UV lamps! Contact us to find out how. You do not need to be an existing client, we’ll take anyone’s lamps.

**Are you an installer or reseller? We are looking for dealer partners. Contact us to find out more.


The Sterilight® Platinum™ Series systems come with a seven year warranty against manufacturer’s defects on the stainless steel reactor chamber; a one year warranty on lamps, sleeves, and UV intensity monitors; and a five year pro-rated warranty on all other components.

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