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Mechanical Protection and Corrosion Control in Commercial Buildings

Self Cleaning Strainers

Watertiger distributes a series of products designed to protect everyday mechanical systems in all commercial and multi-residential buildings. They have been used in office towers, hospitals, condominiums, factories, and much more. Dirt and debris will invariably find its way into any municipal or private water system that can negatively impact mechanical equipment that is designed to operate with clean water. From leaking toilets to failed pump seals, ruptured water mains to fouled PRVs, and degrading heating systems to low flow showerheads that don’t operate as designed, Watertiger’s mechanical protection systems have saved building owners and maintenance staff time and money. Some users have been known to report an overnight 75% reduction in “regular mechanical maintenance” by simply installing an automatic filtration system at the point-of-entry to a building connected to their water main – on city water! Flow rates from 2-880 USGPM available.

profimat water filter dirty water meter plugged with rocks

Leak Detection and Auto Shutoff

The Switch-Flow is the first complete water management system. It will monitor the water flow in your building and detect abnormalities such as slow leaks or downstream water main breakages and automatically shut the water off. The logic and trip points for the different functions can be customized and programmed in the field to suit changing parameters.

Various control options:

The Switch-Flow has data recording capabilities (water flow, alarm conditions, valve state, etc.) and hookups to building control systems or remote communication (auto-dialers, pagers, email communication, iPhone app, etc.). The system can also be controlled remotely from your computer or iPhone!

The Switch-Flow is available in a range of sizes from 1/2″ to 4″.

  • Fortunately the issues that cause corrosion are easily fixed with a corrosion control system.
  • A neutralizing agent (typically Soda Ash) is injected into your water main at the point of entry to the building. The Soda Ash increases the pH and TDS of the water just enough to drastically reduce the corrosion within the building.
  • A corrosion control system can extend the life of your plumbing by decades.

  • Clock mode – open and close the valve on a preset time schedule (useful for protecting short or long-term unattended sites)
  • Flow-pattern – detect slow leaks or big breakages and shut the water off immediately to protect your building and prevent water wastage
  • Volume restriction – Limit daily or batch water transfers to a preset volume. E.g. industrial use, swimming pools, etc. Automatic reset.