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Process Instrumentation

Watertiger provides a wide range of instrumention to suit a variety of water treatment monitoring and control situations. Some examples of various instrumention used can be found below. Instrumentation requirements can differ greatly for all applications; please contact our office so our staff can recommend the best solution for your project needs.

Contacting Flow Meters

  • Measure water flow for various control parameters
  • Control chemical dosing pumps based on water volume (i.e. chlorine)
  • Batch water flow based on volume (e.g. “first flush” of rainwater collection)

Process Analytical Equipment

  • Chlorine residual concentrations
  • Hardness breakthrough for alarm or automatic softener regeneration control
  • Sodium breakthrough downstream of Reverse Osmosis equipment

ORP Probes

  • Indirect measurement of chlorine residual using Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP)
  • Various probes/transmitters available

Turbidity Measurement

  • Real-time turbidity measurement for Municipal or Industrial Processes

Level Control

  • Mechanical floats
  • Ultrasonic level transmitters
  • Electronic float assemblies

Rotameters/Flow Meters

  • Inline volumetric flow measurement
  • No power required