Heifitop for Closed Loop Filtration

The Judo HEIFi-TOP is a flushable return filter with ventilation system for heating circuits protection and security for every heating circuit.

Foreign matter in the piping system can impede the function of your heating system. In addition to gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, sludge, sand, rust particles or remains of old sealing materials are the causes of:

  • defective thermostat valves
  • increased energy consumption
  • incorrect heat measurements
  • defective circulating pumps
  • gurgling in the radiators
  • cold underfloor heating
  • defective heating boilers

These gases and solid materials cause problems and damage to pumps and valves. Experts therefore recommend that sludge and corrosion products are continually filtered out in order to protect the heating system. The Judo HEIFi-TOP is a flushable return heating filter, which solves sludge problems in an environmentally friendly way without the use of consumable parts such as disposeable filters, bringing you permanent cash savings!

Model # Pipe Connection Peak Flow (@ 2.9 psi loss) Operation Price (CDN)
8060053 3/4″ 8.5 Manual
8060054 1″ 13 Manual
8060055 1-1/4″ 17.5 Manual
8060056 1-1/2″ 26.5 Manual
8060057 2″ 35 Manual


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