Greensand - Iron, Manganese and H2S Removal

Waterite’s Greensand filter enables you to enjoy cleaner, stain-free laundry, protected plumbing, cleaner dishes and fresher tasting water. Iron, manganese and sulfur are oxidized and removed from your water, eliminating ugly staining and unpleasant tastes and odours.

Features of the Waterite Greensand Filter

  • Advanced, and customizable Fusion F2CC Digital metered Control Head with 5 year warranty
  • Heavy duty Pot Perm tank
  • Attractive black tank jackets standard on all models
  • Bypass valve for ease of installation and service

Money saving demand regeneration control valve

The demand regeneration control valve includes a metering system which monitors your water use and initiates regeneration only when necessary – saving you money and water!

Effects of Iron

Iron causes ugly yellow, orange or brown rust stains on your laundry, sinks, tubs and toilets. It can also give water an unpleasant taste and smell which lingers on laundry and spoils food and beverages. Manganese leaves ugly black stains on your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Sulfur is identifiable by its distinctive “rotten egg” odour and it too causes staining as well as corrosion issues. Problems caused by iron, sulfur and manganese can occur individually or together.

How the Greensand Filter Operates

As the water passes through the filter bed, it comes in contact with oxygen-charged manganese greensand. This causes iron, manganese and sulfur to oxidize into particles which can be trapped in the filter bed. Eventually the manganese greensand loses its oxygen charge and regeneration is necessary. The filter bed is cleaned and then a measured quantity of potassium permanganate is drawn from the feeder through the filter bed, recharging it with oxygen. Two rapid rinses ready the bed to filter your water again.

Specifications of the Greensand Filter

Media (cu ft) 1.0 1.5 2.0
Service Flow Rate (GPM) 2.5 3 5
Peak Flow Rate (GPM) 5 6 8
Backwash Flow Rate (GPM) 5 7 10
Pot Perm Regeneration (oz) 4 4 8
Fiberglass Tank Size (in) 10 x 44 10 x 54 12 x 48

At the stated flow rates, the pressure drop through these devices will not exceed 15 psi.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make product improvements which may deviate from the specifications and descriptions stated herein, without the obligation to change previously manufactured products or to note the change.