Ferroclean for Closed Loop Filtration

The FERROCLEAN is a sludge separator for separating off iron sludge from heating and cooling systems.

The simple to rinse FERROCLEAN sludge separator includes a magnesium anode for removing oxygen by chemical bonding.

Deposits of iron sludge that occur in closed heating and cooling systems cause system breakdowns and result in higher costs for maintenance or higher energy consumption.

JUDO’s FERROCLEAN provides a simple solution to this problem: the iron sludge (magnetite) that occurs is deposited on high-performance magnets. When these magnets are deactivated, the sludge can be simply removed by rinsing. An integrated magnesium anode gives additional protection by chemically removing unwanted oxygen on the spot, so that no deposits result. For rinsing use either the intrinsic medium ( Closed Water Recirculation ) or an external medium such as feeding the unit with liquid by way of the integrated raw water connection. The FERROCLEAN is best installed directly upstream from the plant that you wish to protect (e.g. boiler, heat exchanger or refrigeration unit).

JFS Ferroclean for hot and cold water

Model # Pipe Connection Peak Flow (USGPM
Operation Price (CDN)
8055070 2-1/2″ 52 Manual
8055071 3″ 74 Manual
8055072 4″ 132 Manual
8055073 5″ 220 Manual
8055074 6″ 352 Manual
8055075 8″ 572 Manual

JFS-I Insulation jacket (optional)

Model # Pipe Connection Price (CDN)
8055066 2-1/2″
8055065 3″
8055064 4″
8055063 5″
8055062 6″
8055067 8″