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Company History

Tiger Purification Systems Inc (Watertiger) has been in business since 1988, formerly under the name Pro Star Mechanical. We have been operating under the name Watertiger since 2003. Watertiger is owned and managed by Adam Scheuer and Wilf Scheuer. Watertiger offers water filtration products and services. We specialize in the design and sale of equipment for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and military clients. We also design and fabricate equipment for custom, remote, and humanitarian applications.

Watertiger partners with the leaders in the water purification industry to provide the best solution to a particular set of needs. Our customer base is diverse and worldwide. We have provided equipment and services to schools, hospitals, resorts, airports, businesses, industry, Governmental Organizations, Relief Agencies, and NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. We have systems operating to provide ultra-pure lab water, pure drinking water, Iron removal, microbiological disinfection, agriculture, and much more.

Filtration systems by Watertiger are operating in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and a test unit has flown at zero-gravity with NASA!

Our team of consultants, technicians, and field staff will be pleased to analyze and solve your water quality problems. We offer installation and maintenance services all over Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the Lower Mainland. We have even gone as far as Bangladesh to install filtration equipment.

Watertiger has registered and qualified well pump installers on staff. Only registered installers are authorized to install and service well pumps in British Columbia.

Our Principals are:

Adam Scheuer – President

Adam Scheuer obtained an Engineering degree from Harvard University before moving to Houston, Texas to work in the computer field for Compaq and Hewlett Packard. After his time in IT, he returned to BC to form Tiger Purification Systems with Wilf. Since 2003, he has been involved in water treatment projects all over the world. His clients include multiple hospitals, BC Hydro, the Canadian Coast Guard, resorts, research vessels, humanitarian relief, various industry, laboratories, Governmental Organizations and much more. His clients can be found on every continent.

He has been contracted by the Provincial Health Authority and the Sustainable Infrastructure Society as a consultant to develop guidelines to upgrade the regulations for small, public, community water systems. Adam is an American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) Accredited Professional and a founding board member of the Canadian Association of Rainwater Management (CANARM).

In April 2008 he was named a finalist for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year through the Victoria Chamber of Commerce. After working on Vancouver Island for five years, he moved to the mainland to expand Watertiger’s operations to the Metro Vancouver area. His interests lie outdoors, most notably off-road trail running, snowshoeing and long-distance triathlons.

Wilf Scheuer – Vice-President

Wilf has been active in the mechanical contracting industry for 40 years, and specializes in the design and supply of water supply and treatment systems. Projects designed vary from pump and filtration plants to specialty remote site package units for firefighters in Northern Alberta, to whole house systems for elite homes and spas. Wilf also works as a consultant for NASA at Kennedy Space Center. Beginning in 1999 Wilf built and designed high purity water filtration prototype systems for use in harsh zero gravity environments required for the NASA space programs – including the upcoming manned Moon and Mars missions. Wilf was recently honoured by the Mechanical Contractors Association of BC with a Lifetime Achievement Award for individuals who have provided exemplary service to the association and the industry. Wilf is also President of Pro Star Mechanical Contractors Ltd.

Wilf Scheuer is:

  • a member of the British Columbia Water & Waste Association
  • was the vice president of the Mechanical Contractors Association of BC
  • a Gold Seal certified project manager by the Canadian Construction Association
  • holds certifications by USF WaterGroup Inc.
  • a registered well pump installer in British Columbia

Watertiger™ is :

  • government licensed
  • a member of the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island
  • a member of the Small Water Users Association of British Columbia
  • a member of the Coastal Water Suppliers Association
  • a member of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce
  • a member of the Canadian Water Quality Association

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