Clearance Items

Our clearance items are all brand new, unused items – overstock, outdated, etc. Any “used” or refurbished equipment will be specifically listed as such as is fully tested before sale.

Current clearance items available:

  1. Viqua SPV410-IHS22. This is a “whole-house” style integrated UV system prebuilt with two 4.5×20 prefilters and the SPV410 UV. This unit was NSF 55A validated, but the NSF validation for this unit is no longer current. It would still suit a whole-house or small commercial application that wants UV monitoring. Two units available. List price was $2,425.00, on sale for $900 each. Brochure here. Brand new units. Replacement parts are still available and current.
  2. Undercounter chiller for cold drinking water. Don’t like room temperature water? Simple to install and easy to operate, have chilled water right from the tap. Information here. Two units available. List price was $599.00, on sale for $299 each. Brand new units.
  3. Various UV lamps/sleeves for Trojan / Viqua / Sterilight (no warranty on discontinued items, #650137 and down)
    Item # Qty Price
    S810RL 4 LAMP, REPL KIT, 254nm LPLO 810mm, FITS S8Q-PA, SSM-37, S8Q, S8Q-GOLD & THE /2 MODELS $94.50
    QS-810 2 QUARTZ, REPL KIT, 20×22.5x845MM, FITS S8Q-PA, SSM-37, S8Q & S8Q-GOLD $41.30
    QS-740 1 QUARTZ, REPL KIT, 20×22.5x872MM, FITS SPV-740, SPV-15, SP740-HO, SC740 & SCM740 $67.90
    QS-600 2 QUARTZ, REPL KIT, 20×22.5x732MM, FITS SPV-600, SPV-12, SP600-HO, SC-600 & SCM-600 $56.00
    S600RL-HO 4 LAMP, REPL KIT, 700mm LPHO STERILUME, FITS SPV-600, SPV-12, SP600-HO, SC-600 & SCM-600 $112.00
    S463RL 3 LAMP, REPL KIT, 254nm LPLO 463mm, FITS S5Q-PA, SSM-24, S5Q, S5Q-GOLD & THE /2 MODELS $78.40
    QS-410 6 QUARTZ, REPL KIT, 20×22.5x542MM, FITS SPV-410, SPV-8 & SP410-HO $52.50
    QS-330 3 QUARTZ, REPL KIT, 20×22.5x375MM, FITS S2Q-PA, SSM-17, S2Q &S2Q-GOLD $36.40
    S330RL 2 LAMP, REPL KIT, 254nm LPLO 330nm, FITS S2Q-PA, SSM17, S2Q, S2Q-GOLD, SC4 & /2 MODELS $74.20
    QS-200 1 QUARTZ, REPL KIT, 20×22.5x332MM, FITS SPV-200, SPV3.5, SP200-HO, SC-200 & SCM-200 $39.90
    650137 2 LAMP/SLEEVE, REPL FOR UV712/ADV 12 $50
    650140 1 LAMP/SLEEVE, REPL FOR UV702/ADV 2 $50
    650141 4 LAMP, REPLACEMENT FOR UV612 $50
    650142 1 LAMP, REPLACEMENT FOR UV608 $50
    650143 1 LAMP, REPLACEMENT FOR UV605 $50
    650144 1 LAMP, REPLACEMENT FOR UV602 $50
    650145 2 SLEEVE, REPLACEMENT FOR UV612 $30
    650146 1 SLEEVE, REPLACEMENT FOR UV608 $30
    650147 1 SLEEVE, REPLACEMENT FOR UV605 $30
    650149 1 LAMP, REPLACEMENT FOR UV505 $50

4. Shower Filters

Sprite PureSpray Filtered Shower Head – AM5-WH


  • Reversible High-Flow Filter (Standard: Model SLC)
  • Deluxe 5-way Massaging Spray
  • “Soft Touch” Adjustment Pads
  • Anti-Scaling Spray Nozzle
  • High Strength Housing
  • Triple Plated Finish
  • Cartridge Life Rating: 9 Months (ARC)
  • White

The top-of-the-line Pure-Spray Filtered Shower head was created by Sprite’s Integrated Design Team (IDT). From concept to final product, IDT brings together key elements of the design process to create both function and style unique to the shower industry. Price – $20 each. Condition – brand new. Quantity available – 3. More info here

Sprite All-in-one Filtered Shower Head

Older model, combined shower head and filter. Same application as above, but older model. Condition – brand new. Price – $15 each. Qty available – 9.

Sprite Hose Filter (Shower)

The Sprite Universal Shower Filter filters your shower water for up to 3 months. Use it with your current showerhead for cleaner water and for softer hair and skin. The shower filter fits between your existing shower bracket and shower hose. More info here

Price – $10 each. Quantity available – 8. Condition – brand new.

Replacement Shower Filter – A1C. Quantity available – 19. Condition – brand new. Price – $10 each.

More info here