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Chemical Free Iron-Manganese-H2S Filter

Waterite gives you back cleaner laundry, protected plumbing, cleaner dishes and better tasting water when you install a chemical free iron removal filter. It uses no costly or messy chemicals. Instead, the system oxidizes iron and collects it in the filter media. Occasional backwashing is required to free the filter bed of the collecting impurities.


  • Exclusive Fusion programmable digital control valve with a 5 year guarantee
  • Heavy duty brine tank with attractive black tank jacket
  • Chemical free operation minimizes operating costs
  • Bypass valve for ease of installation and service

How the Chemical Free System Works

How the Waterite Chemcial Free Iron Filter OperatesThe filter consists of a hydrocharger and a backwashable filter containing special media, used in conjunction with a pump and pressure system.The hydrocharger adds a controlled amount of air to the water as it enters the pressure tank. The air begins the iron removal process as the water sits in the tank by oxidizing the contaminants.As water passes through the filter bed, its pH is automatically raised to neutral or higher (if required) and a catalytic effect occurs, changing the iron to a collodial state. The iron is trapped throughout the media bed, not just on the top of the bed as in conventional filters.This allows for an iron removal capacity four times greater than a conventional filter.

The filter media remains unchanged at the end of the oxidation process and therefore requires no chemical regeneration.

Periodically the iron has to be flushed from the filter bed. This is accomplished by periodic backwashing the system.


Model Media
(cu ft)
Iron Removal
Capacity (ppm)
Flow Rates (USGPM) Height Shipping Weight
Service Backwash
WTR-CF10 1.0 42,000 5 5 62″ 38
WTR-CF15 1.5 65,000 6 7 56″ 50
WTR-CF20 2.0 84,000 8 10 62″ 63

Peak flow rates intended for intermittent use only (10 minutes or less) and are for residential applications only.

Do not use peak flow rate for commercial applications or for a continuous rate when treated water supplies are geothermal heat pump, swimming pool, etc.

At the stated service flow rates, the pressure drop through these devices will not exceed 15 psi.

For satisfactory operation, the pumping rate of the well system must be equal or exceed indicated backwash flow rate.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make product improvements which may deviate from the specification and descriptions stated herein, without obligation to change the previously manufactured products or to note the change.