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Chemical Feeders


The Chemilizer chemical injectors work just like an electric injector, but without the electricity.

Completely self-contained:

The Injector’s fluid powered motor borrows just enough energy from the main line to provide the proper injection. The injector connects to the water supply line in which the chemical is to be injected.

Unassisted Injection:

Completely automatic operation: it operates when the rest of the system operates. No need to turn the injector on or off. The operator has nothing to remember or forget.

Meters and pulsers no longer required:

Because the motor acts as both a source of control and power, additional meters and pulsers are not required.

Installation is simple and economical:

Chemilizer systems do not require wiring in hazardous conditions, no additional equipment, or costly site engineering to lay out pipes or conduit. In most cases, units can be placed into existing piping with little on-site preparation.


The CP33 Series chemical injector consists of three main parts:

Water Motor – The motor functions on demand with water flow. Inside the motor is a fixed diaphragm assembly that travels up and down with alternating filling of the upper and lower chambers. No chemicals go into the water motor.

Chemical Pump – Consists of 5 parts. Only one of these parts move, which makes maintenance simple and replacement inexpensive. Inserted into the bottom of the water motor is a positive displacement chemical pump. There are only 3 interior parts and the pump stem is the only moving part.

Flow Meter – A dual-sided flow meter provides visual indication of how much chemical you are injecting through your outflowing water line. The left-hand side measures in gallons per hour, the right-hand side in ounces per hour.


Model Flow Range Pressure Range Max temp Connection Unit Size Weight
HN55 0.017-13 GPM 2 – 80 psi 110°F (43° C)  3/4″  11″x8.5″  6.75 lbs
CP33 12+ GPM 4 – 80 psi 110°F (43° C)  3/4″  11″x8.5″  8 lbs

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Electronic Feeders:

Stenner Fixed Rate:

  • Self-priming, won’t lose prime
  • Interchangalbe pump tubes and sub-assemblies
  • Pump tube lubrication not required
  • Patented mechanical control adjustable from 5% to 100%
  • Easy pump tube maintenance
  • Quick serviceability
  • Will not clog from dirt or minor debris
  • Can pump against pressure of up to 100 psi (max. GPD 40)
  • Check valves not required under 25 psi
  • Reproducable within 2% of settings
  • Precision pumping can run dry without damage
  • Vertical or horizontal mount
  • Simple to install and operate
  • 0.2 – 170 gallons per day at 25 psi
  • 0.2 – 40 gallons per day at 100 psi

Download a Stenner Brochure


Pulsatron MP Electronic Metering Pumps:

The PULSAtron Series MP Electronic Metering Pump offers automatic control; 4-20mA and 20-4mA current signals can be ratioed from 100% to 2% of incoming signal. The manual control feature allows for a combined 1000:1 turndown resulting in accurate metering for critical applications.

Series MP Electronic Metering Pump features relay output for computer interface or AC power allows for external control. There is a six-button touch pad control with internationally recognized symbols for simplified programming.

There are alarm signals for signal loss, full count, circuit failure, pulse overflow and pulse rate high. Liquid low level indicator capability is standard. Pulse signals can be multiplied or divided by 1 to 999 allowing for pumps to handle peak requirements.

Series MP is also equipped with a 16 character dot matrix backlit multi-lingual display that allows for easy reading and user-friendly programming.

Nineteen distinct models are available, having pressure capabilities to 300 PSIG @ 3 GPD, and flow capacities to 500 GPD @ 20 PSIG, with a turndown ratio of 1000:1. Metering performance is reproducible to within +/- 2% maximum capacity.

The PULSAtron Series MP Electronic Metering Pump contains an extended two year warranty on the electronic circuit board for trouble free service.

  • Auto & Manual Control
  • Relay Output
  • Multi-lingual
  • Alarm Signals
  • Pulse Signals

Download a Pulsatron MP Brochure