Judo Biostat - Non-salt Scale Prevention

The Judo BioStat is a non-salt water conditioner that will reduce scale buildup in your water system from hard water supplies. The problem: scale is left behind by water hardness, especially after it has been heated (e.g. hot water tank, kettle, dishwasher, etc.). This scale reduces the life and efficiancy of your appliances, and reduces water flow through your pipes. The harder your water – the worse the problem.

The BioStat prevents this problem. The water is not “softened” in the way a traditional salt-based water softener will remove the hardness minerals from the water. The BioStat will encourage “self-seeding” of the hardness minerals so that they form small deposits on themselves, and not on your heating elements/pipes, etc. (see image below)

DVGW certified for scale reduction (DVGW is a German equivalent to CSA)

Download a brochure for the Biostat BST-CA

Download a brochure for the Biostat 2050 2200

Product Code Pipe Connection Flow Rate (USGPM) Number of units Operation
BST-CA Typ 15 3/4″ 7 1 Automatic
BST-CA Typ 25 1″ 11 1 Automatic
BST-2050 1-1/2″ 22 2 Automatic
BST-2100 2″ 44 4 Automatic
BST-2150 2″ 66 6 Automatic
BST-2200 2″ 88 8 Automatic