2.5"x20" Filter Housings and Cartridges

2.5″ x 20″ filters are useful for whole-hose or small commercial applications and are often used as prefilters for other treatment equipment.


Model Connection Size Colour Features
3/4″ blue w/pressure relief Flat cap

* Brackets and hardware (fittings, faucets, tubing, etc.) are extra


Model Micron rating

Sediment Filters

FI-SED2001 1 Spun polypropylene sediment filter
FI-SED2005P 5 Pleated sediment filter – washable and reusable
FI-SED2005HX 5 Spun polypropylene sediment filter
FI-SED2030 10 Spun polypropylene sediment filter

Carbon Filters

FI-CTO020 10 MATRIKX CTO Removes: chlorine, dirt, carbon, taste, & odour
FI-GAC020.A 20 Granular activated carbon filter Removes: chlorine, taste, & odour


 IF-SM-CC20 Calcite filter to raise pH
FI-DI020 DI medical grade