2.5"x10" Filter Housings and Cartridges

2.5″ x 10″ filters are ideal for a RV, campers, boats, or single fixture/faucet.


Model Connection Size Colour Features
FH-UF1038WW 3/8″ white Flat cap
FH-UF1014WW 1/4″ white Flat cap
 HP1034CLUR-KIT 3/4″ clear Transparent housing
w/pressure relief
FH-UF1034WW 3/4″ blue w/pressure relief

* Brackets and hardware (fittings, faucets, tubing, etc.) are extra


Model Micron rating

Sediment Filters

FI-SED1005P 5  Pleated – can be washed and reused (not suitable for high algae levels)
FI-SED1005HX 5  Spun polypropylene Sediment Filter

Carbon Filters

CBR-2 0.5 Remove cysts and bacteria (eg. E.coli, Giardia & Cryptosporidium), VOC’s, lead, mercury, chlorine
FI-CTO010.E 10  Activated Carbon Briquette – Removes: sediment, chlorine, taste & odour
FI-GAC010 20 Carbon GAC filter Removes: chlorine, tastes, odours

 Raise pH/Neutralize

 FI-CAL010 Calcite cartridge to increase pH or remineralize soft water

  Soften Water

 FI-ALS010  Carbon & Phosphate filter – Removes: chlorine & softens the water – prevents hard water buildup on RO membranes
 IF-SM-SCI010  Polyphosphate cartridge for softening and scale prevention

 Heavy Metal Removal

CC10METSORB Arsenic, uranium, lead, heavy metal removal – 0.25-1 gpm flow removes Arsenic and other heavy metals

Deionization Filters

 IF-SM-DI010 Mixed bed deionization filter


 IF-SM-DI010  Remove nitrate
 IF-SM-KDF010 1 lb. KDF-55/GAC Cartridge
 MG-10MCB 0.15 absolute Removes bacteria and cysts down to 0.15 microns

Inline Filters

 FI-CBA010S 1/4″ inline Omnipure polishing filter to reduce taste & odour
 FI-CBA010J.38 3/8″ inline Omnipure polishing filter to reduce taste & odour
1/4″ inline Omnipure mixed polishing and Calcite filter to reduce taste & odour and remineralize
1/4″ inline All calcite filter to raise pH and remineralize