Water Purification and Rainwater Harvesting

What do we do?

Watertiger offers water purification products and services for almost any application. We specialize in the design, supply, and installation of residential, commercial, industrial and custom designed water treatment packages as well as commercial and residential rainwater harvesting and collection systems.

We also design systems for humanitarian and remote deployments. We can provide off-the-shelf or custom designed, turnkey systems to improve on the quality of water in your home or business, ultra-pure applications for hospitals and laboratories, or automated systems to protect mechanical equipment in your commercial building. We specialize in the removal of unwanted contaminants such as chemicals, minerals, metals, salts, dissolved gases, microbiological, suspended solids or other unwanted, water-borne contaminants. Our customer base is diverse and global. We have equipment operating in 40+ countries on every continent and have sent equipment on zero-gravity research test flights with the NASA space program.

Not sure where to start?

First identify your water source from the below. This may give you a better idea of what sort of contaminants you may be dealing with. Any private water source should always be tested by a certified lab. The resulting water analysis should be sent to us for evaluation. With that information and an understanding of the water usage, we can tailor a recommendation for you. Note – if you are on city water, the water test may not be necessary – call us to find out!

tapMost of our homes and businesses receive water from a municipal source. Not only are there objectionable tastes and odours in city water from chlorine and ammonia, but there are often other contaminants that leach into the water supply between the treatment plant and your home such as copper and lead. You may also be concerned about other additives such as Fluoride. There are various options to treat just the drinking water only, the entire home, or various parts of your commercial processes.

well water treatmentWell water, whether from shallow dug wells or deep drilled wells, often contains contaminants that are either a serious health concern (such as bacteria, Arsenic, Fluoride, Lead, etc.) or have aesthetic impacts such as staining or foul odours (i.e. Iron, Manganese, H2S, etc.). Your well should be tested for these contaminants and a proper treatment regime put in place.

surface water treatment lakeMany of us pull our water from a surface source such as a lake or river. These sources can be plentiful in volume, but present a unique set of challenges such as high bacteria or parasitic cysts (Giardia and Cryptosporidium), organics and tannins, low pH, high corrosivity and high sediment loads. These issues can present both health risks and aesthetic impacts throughout your water system. Also of growing concern all over the world is the presence of harmful algal blooms containing Blue-Green Algae which produce harmful microcystins.

rain water treatmentThose who live in water scarce or rainy regions often rely on rainwater collection to complement a low flow well or act as their primary, and only, source of water. Using rainwater will not only decrease your reliance on a municipal system, but it can eliminate the complicated treatment equipment required for low-quality well water. Rainwater harvesting is almost a must-have for LEED construction in commercial buildings.